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Repositori Publikasi Penelitian Universitas Syiah Kuala

Data Publikasi Seminar Belum Ada!!

Data Publikasi Buku Belum Ada!!

1. Infiltration of Inflammatory Cells in Intestine of Chickens Infected Naturally by Ascaridia galli. http://simlit.unsyiah.ac.id/uskpr/index.php/uskprData/do_upload2013
2. Histopathological Changes in Intestine of Chicken (Gallus domesticus) Infected Naturally by Ascaridia galli. http://simlit.unsyiah.ac.id/uskpr/index.php/uskprData/do_upload2013
3. The Effect of Excretory/Secretory Product Released by L3 of Ascaridia galli on Villous Compact in Intestine of Laying Hens. http://simlit.unsyiah.ac.id/uskpr/index.php/uskprData/do_upload2012
4. Poultry Sellers Perception and Their Effort for Prevention Strategy on Avian influenza in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. http://simlit.unsyiah.ac.id/uskpr/index.php/uskprData/do_upload2012
5. Effect of Addition Pliek U in Feed on Histomorphometric of Small Intestine Villi of Broiler. http://simlit.unsyiah.ac.id/uskpr/index.php/uskprData/do_upload2012
6. Penentuan Temperatur Optimum Terhadap Aktivitas Protease Serin Yang Dihasilkan oleh Stadium L3 Ascaridia galli. http://simlit.unsyiah.ac.id/uskpr/index.php/uskprData/do_upload2011
7. Goblet Cell Response Against Parasitic Disease in Laying Hens Treated With Excretory/Secretory of Ascaridia galli L3. http://simlit.unsyiah.ac.id/uskpr/index.php/uskprData/do_upload2011
8. Enzym Activity of Ascaridia galli Larvae Was Inhibited by Phenil Methanyl Methane Sulfonyl Fluoride. http://simlit.unsyiah.ac.id/uskpr/index.php/uskprData/do_upload2011
9. Excretory/Secretory, Immunoglobulin Yolk and Their Combination as Potencial Factors for Controlling Ascaridia galli in Hen Layers. http://simlit.unsyiah.ac.id/uskpr/index.php/uskprData/do_upload2010
10. Case Report: Extraskeletal Fibrosarcoma in an Elephant. http://simlit.unsyiah.ac.id/uskpr/index.php/uskprData/do_upload2010

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