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1. Description of the supporting factors of final project in Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty of Syiah Kuala University with multiple correspondence analysis . http://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/1757-899X/352/1/012054/pdf2018
2. Identification Correlation between Economic Variables and Welfare Variables with Canonical Correlation Analysis. 2012
3. Rancangan Faktorial dengan Pengamatan Berulang untuk Mengidentifikasi Pengaruh Mulsa dan Jarak Tanam terhadap Radiasi Surya pada Kacang Kedelai. 2012
4. Linear Programming and Sensitivity Analysis for Optimizing Nutrient Sufficiency. http://research.utar.edu.my/CMS/ICMSA2010/ICMSA2010_Proceedings/files/statistics/ST-Rusyana.pdf2010
5. Analisis Linear Programming and Sensitivity Analysis for Optimizing Nutrient Sufficiency. 2010
6. Multiple Corespondence Analysis on Public Service in Sabang Tourism Area. 2010
7. Identification of Unsyiah Student Satisfying Level on Academic Aspects With Using Four Variable Multiple Correspondence Analysis. 2010
8. Identification of Budget for Food in Family Nutrient Sufficiency (Case: in Aceh Tengah and Bener Meriah Regency). 2010
9. Manova for Comparing Public, Private, and Islamic Elementary School which are the most Interesting (Case: Elementary School in Eastern Banda Aceh). 2010
10. Technic of Non-parametric Bootstrap Percentile for estimation of Regression Parameter Confidence Interval in Simulation Data. 2010
11. Analysis of Sub District Government Service Level in West Aceh Regency. 2009
12. Application of Cluster Analysis in Classification of Tourist Destinations in Sabang. 2008
13. Identification of Nutrition Status based on Body Mass Index (BMI) for Acehnese Population after Tsunami. 2008
14. Corespondence Analysis in the Five Sectors of Public Services (Case: West Aceh Regency). 2008
15. Identification of Profer Consumed Food of Households in Aceh Besar: Case of Household Members Aged 20 to 59 years. 2007
16. Optimal Point Identification in Levels of Box-Bhenken Design. 2007
17. Optimal Point Identification in Levels of Least Compound Design. 2007
18. Goal Programming to identify Combination of Food Quantity. 2006

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