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1. PERCEPTIONS AND BARRIERS TO ICT USE AMONG ENGLISH TEACHERS IN INDONESIA . http://www.tewtjournal.org/issues/volume-18/issue-1/2018
2. Figuring the Figures of Speech in Acehnese Traditional Song Lyrics. 2018
3. “Listen, do, repeat, understand and remember”: Teaching English to very young children in Aceh. http://www.urmia.ac.ir/sites/www.urmia.ac.ir/files/7.%20Yusuf.pdf2017
4. Cross-linguistic influences of Malay through cartoons on Indonesian children's language use in the home domain. http://ejournal.upi.edu/index.php/IJAL/article/view/8135/52482017
5. Good and poor EFL readers: Understanding their problems through self-assessment. http://www.iupindia.in/English_Studies.asp2017
6. Skimming and Scanning Techniques to Assist EFL Students in Understanding English Reading Texts. https://online-journal.unja.ac.id/index.php/irje/article/view/4338/30712017
7. Looling into the EFL Students' Type of Feedbacks on Peer Correction Activity. http://journal.unika.ac.id/index.php/celt/article/view/563/pdf_22016
8. (._.)/ dont 4get 2 txt me plz! Linguistic and Discoursal Features of Short Message Service by Female Texters. http://ejournals.ukm.my/3l/article/view/10968/39462016
9. The effect of organizational culture, leadership style and employees’ trust on organizational commitment in an educational institution. http://www.silascience.com/abstracts/06022016051940.html2016
10. Progressive outcomes of collaborative strategic reading to EFL learners. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S24523151163002612016
11. Exploring the Motivational Factors for Learning English in Aceh. https://journals.ju.edu.jo/DirasatHum/issue/view/5342016
12. Developing the EFL Students’ Reading Comprehension by Employing Herringbone Technique. http://www.journal.tarbiyahiainib.ac.id/index.php/attalim/article/view/250/2092016
13. A Teacher?s Experience in Teaching with Student Teams-Achievement Division (STAD) Technique. http://www.e-iji.net/dosyalar/iji_2015_2_8.pdf2015
14. Conflicting Views on Teaching Approaches to Foreign or Second Language Learning Out of Class. http://www.jurnal.unsyiah.ac.id/EEJ2015
15. An instrumental study of oral vowels in the Kedah variety of Acehnese. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S03880001150009722015
16. Perceptions about One's Heritage Language The Case of the Acehnese in Kampung Aceh and Malacca Portuguese-Eurasians in the Portuguese Settlement in Malaysia. http://web.usm.my/kajh/vol22_2_2015/Art%204-Edit.pdf2015
17. Investigating metacognitive awareness of reading strategies to strengthen students' performance in reading comprehension. http://apjee.usm.my/APJEE_30_2015/APJEE%2030%20Art%202%20(15-30).pdf2015
18. Activities to Overcome EFL Learners? Pronunciation Problems. http://rate.org.ro/media/blogs/b/newsletter13.html?mtime=14345696092014
19. A One-Stop Class Blog to Promote Collaborative Writing Activities. http://www.melta.org.my/majer/vol10/silviyanti.pdf2014
20. Observing Pair-Work Task in an English Speaking Class. http://www.e-iji.net/dosyalar/iji_2014_1_11.pdf2014
21. The Policy Outcomes and Feasibility of School-BasedManagement in Aceh. http://www.airitilibrary.com/Publication/alPublicationJournal?PublicationID=230446242014
22. Contemporary Acehnese Cultural Prohibitions and the Practice of Mystical Threats. http://web.usm.my/kajh/2014
23. EFL teachers' perceptions on using ICT in their teaching: To use or to reject?. http://tewtjournal.org/issues/volume-2015/volume-2015-issue-4/2014
24. Implication of semantic prosody in learning English vocabulary. http://www.eej.mpben.unsyiah.ac.id/2013
25. Speaking Acehnese in Malaysia. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S02715309120003652013
26. An acoustic description of diphthongs in two varieties of Acehnese. http://www.pertanika2.upm.edu.my/Pertanika%20PAPERS/JSSH%20Vol.%2021%20(S)%20May.%202013/13%20Page%20153-168.pdf2013
27. Different Representations and Semantics Analysis of Web News Texts. http://www.ijls.net/vol6no3.html2012
28. An Instrumental Analysis of Acehnese Oral Vowels. http://www.ling.sinica.edu.tw/files/publication/j2012_6_01_6901.pdf2012
29. A Corpus-Based Linguistics Analysis on Spoken Corpus: Semantic Prosodies on ?Robots?. http://www.jlls.org/index.php/jlls/article/view/89/892010
30. A syntactic analysis of the Acehnese phrase structure: The application of Chomky's Government and Binding Theory. http://www.ijls.net/vol3no3.html2009
31. The role of attitudes and identity from nonnative speakers of English towards English accents. http://www.eilj.com/index.php/2007-20102009
32. A case study on infant bilingual acquisition. http://mjal.org/Journal/A%20Case%20Study%20on%20Infant%20Bilingual%20Acquisition%20By%20Yunisrina%20Qismullah%20Yusuf%20%20%20pages%20303-330.pdf2009
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1. The Rise and Fall of Curriculum 2013: Insights on the Attitude Assessment from Practicing Teachers. https://www.shs-conferences.org/articles/shsconf/pdf/2018/03/shsconf_gctale2018_00010.pdf2018
2. LANGUAGE MAINTENANCE OF THE TIONGHUA SPEAKERS TOWARDS THEIR HERITAGE LANGUAGE IN ACEH. https://linguistik.fib.ui.ac.id/wp-content/uploads/sites/46/2018/01/278-283-IAV_Zulfadli-A.-Aziz-FINAL.pdf2018
3. ACOUSTIC DESCRIPTION OF ACEHNESE MONOPHTHONG VOWELS: FEMALE VS. MALE SPEAKERS FROM EAST ACEH. https://linguistik.fib.ui.ac.id/proceeding-international-seminar-on-sociolinguistics-and-dialectology-2017/2018
4. A lonely inang: A case study of a Bataknese mother's language loss. 2017
7. EFL Students’ Writingerrors and Obstacles in Learning English . http://repository.stkipgetsempena.ac.id/handle/4552017
8. The male and female EFL students’ language learning styles . http://capeu.unsyiah.ac.id/proceedings/index.php/EEIC/article/view/8/82016
9. Responding and correcting feedbacks of peer correction activity in writing class . http://capeu.unsyiah.ac.id/proceedings/index.php/EEIC/article/view/16/162016
10. Code switching in radio broadcasting in an EFL context. http://capeu.unsyiah.ac.id/proceedings/index.php/EEIC/article/view/29/292016
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12. “Oke, any questions?” The questioning interaction in an EFL classroom. aic.unsyiah.ac.id/2016
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17. The Correlation between Reading Motivation and Reading Achievement of EFL Learners. 2015
18. An instrumental analysis of Acehnese diphthongs produced in Kampung Aceh, Kedah. http://www.ukm.my/paling2012/index.htm2012

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