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1. Differences in English proficiency test scores between students of social and natural sciences. http://www.e-iji.net/dosyalar/iji_2019_1_31.pdf2019
2. “I think it is not plagiarism”: How little do Indonesian undergraduate EFL students understand plagiarism?. 2019
3. How much videos win over audios in listening instruction for EFL learners?. http://www.tojet.net/articles/v17i1/1719.pdf2018
4. How much do high schools contribute to improving students’ English proficiency? Seeking alumni’s perception in Indonesia. https://www.asian-efl-journal.com/wp-content/uploads/AEFLJ-Quarterly-Volume-20-Issue-2-2018.pdf2018
5. Distinguishing TOEFL Score: What is the Lowest Score Considered a TOEFL Score?. http://www.pertanika.upm.edu.my/Pertanika%20PAPERS/JSSH%20Vol.%2026%20(3)%20Sep.%202018/44%20JSSH-2223-2017.pdf2018
6. Comparing the scores in paper and internet-delivered TOEFL: Can an unsupervised online English language test be used for placement?. https://www.elejournals.com/1844/asian-efl-journal/the-asian-efl-journal-quarterly-volume-20-issue-12-3-december-2018/2018
7. The application of video clips with small group and individual activities to improve young learners' speaking performance. http://cejsh.icm.edu.pl/cejsh/element/bwmeta1.element.desklight-3d8d23d7-a1dc-4905-9769-9dd44eb64787/c/ARTICLE2.pdf2017
8. Errors in EFL writing by junior high students in Indonesia. 2016
9. Cooperative Integrated Reading and Composition Technique for Improving Content and Organization in Writing. http://www.jurnal.unsyiah.ac.id/SiELE/article/view/22362015

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