Repositori Publikasi Penelitian Universitas Syiah Kuala

Daftar Publikasi

1. 2018Penulis Muhammad Iqbal, Yusrizal, and Zainal Abidin
Judul publikasi The development of learning instruments through the problem-based learning model to enhance students’ creativity
2. 2018Penulis Masykur, Yusrizal, Niswanto
Judul publikasi The Assistance of Lecturers’ Academic Administration in Improving the Quality of Higher Education at Indonesian School of Economics in Banda Aceh Indonesia
3. 2018Penulis M. Najib, Yusrizal Yusrizal, Niswanto
Judul publikasi Management of Higher Education in the Accreditation of Study Programs at Bina Bangsa Getsempena College of Teacher Training and Education of Banda Aceh Indonesia
4. 2018Penulis Bagus Wicaksono, Yusrizal, Cut Zahri Harun
Judul publikasi Effectiveness of Budgeting Use in The Center of Science Education and Training Malahayati Aceh Indonesia
5. 2018Penulis Andi Hermawan Brutu, Yusrizal, Bahrun
Judul publikasi Cooperative Model Learning Management in Assessment Training of Teaching Science and Training Malahayati Aceh Indonesia
6. 2018Penulis Syukriadi, Yusrizal, Bahrun
Judul publikasi The Implementation of Organization Culture and their Relationship to the Working Satisfaction of Teacher at the Health Asy-Syifa School Aceh Indonesia
7. 2018Penulis Ali Umar, Yusrizal, Niswanto
Judul publikasi Lecturers’ Performance in Conducting A Research to Improve the Quality of Private Higher Education of Serambi Mekkah University Banda Aceh Indonesia
8. 2018Penulis Muhaiyar, Yusrizal, Bahrun
Judul publikasi Principal’s Managerial Competence in Improving Teachers Performance
9. 2016Penulis A. Halim dan yusrizal
Judul publikasi Development and Implementation of Higher Order Thingking Skills Instruments in Physics Education
10. 2014Penulis Prof. Dr. Yusrizal, M.Pd
Judul publikasi Evaluasi Kinerja Dosen Program Studi Fisika FKIP Unsyiah
11. 2013Penulis Prof. Dr. Yusrizal, M.Pd
Judul publikasi Students' Mastering on Basic Competence of Physics Subject in National Exams at Pidie and Pidie Jaya Districts, Aceh Province
12. 2010Penulis Dr. Yusrizal, M.Pd
Judul publikasi Pengembangan Instrument Sikap dan Minat
13. 2008Penulis Dr. Yusrizal, M.Pd
Judul publikasi Teknik Mengembangkan Instrumen Non Tes
14. 2008Penulis Dr. Yusrizal, M.Pd
Judul publikasi Penilaian Kinerja Dosen FKIP Unsyiah (Survey pada Jurusan Fisika dan Sejarah)