Repositori Publikasi Penelitian Universitas Syiah Kuala

Daftar Publikasi

1. 2017Penulis Kartini Hasballah
Judul publikasi Appropriate Administration of Antibiotics on Children
2. 2017Penulis Kartini Hasballah
Judul publikasi In Vivo Antihyperglicemic Agent Evaluation in Mice
3. 2015Penulis Murniana, Mustanir, Binawati Ginting, Ega Rizki, Kartini Hasballah
Judul publikasi Antibacterial Activities of n-Hexane Extract Casia alata Leaves
4. 2014Penulis Al Azhar, Kartini Hasballah, and Sakdiah
Judul publikasi ABO and Rhesus Blood Group Distribution in the Population of Two Island in Aceh Province,%20Kartini%20Hasballah,%20and%20Sakdiah/5
5. 2013Penulis Dewi Karlina Rusly, Hilwah Nora, and Kartini Hasballah
Judul publikasi The Uterine Rupture and Bladder Rupture on a Pregnant Mother with Previous Cesarean Section after Partum Management on Midwife
6. 2013Penulis Dewi Karlina Rusly, Kanadi Sumapraja, Rajuddin, dan Kartini Hasballah
Judul publikasi Administration of Dydrogesterone in First Trimester of Pregnancy will Increase the Level of PIGF (Placental Growth Factor)
7. 2013Penulis Kartini Hasbalah, Murniana, dan Ichsan
Judul publikasi Cytotoxic Activities from Stem Bark Extracts of Calotropis gigantea L.,%20Murniana,%20dan%20Ichsan/5
8. 2013Penulis Kartini Hasbalah
Judul publikasi Farmakoterapi untuk Vaginitis dan Servisitis
9. 2012Penulis Kartini Hasbalah, Murniana, and Nurdin Saidi
Judul publikasi Antibacterial Activity of Secondary Metabolite Compounds from Leaf of Eclipta alba L. Hassk
10. 2011Penulis Kartini Hasbalah
Judul publikasi Expression and the Release of IL-18 Profile in Major Organs of Malaria-Infected Mice