Repositori Publikasi Penelitian Universitas Syiah Kuala

Daftar Publikasi

1. 2022Penulis Suwardi, M. Shabri Abd. Majid, Said Musnadi
Judul publikasi Effects of role ambiguity on work stress with Islamic coping as mediation among nurses during a covid-19 pandemic at the General Hospital in Aceh-Indonesia
2. 2022Penulis Maulidar Agustina, M. Shabri Abd. Majid, Said Musnadi, Faisal, Hafasnuddin, Yahya
Judul publikasi Does Banking Performance Matter for Indonesian Economic Growth?
3. 2019Penulis Sulaiman, Said Musnadi
Judul publikasi The Influence of Leadership, Competence, and Work Environment on Work Satisfaction and Its Impact on Employee Performance
4. 2018Penulis Said Musnadi, Zuraida, Amsal Irmalis
Judul publikasi Cointegration Analysis Of Industrial Sectors On The Indonesia Stock Exchange: A Multivariate Approach
5. 2018Penulis Syafruddin Chan, Muslim, Said Musnadi
Judul publikasi Effect Of Creative Tourist Experience And Leisure Enjoyment To Behavioral Intention On Marine Tourism Destination
6. 2018Penulis Sulaiman, Said Musnadi, Ridwan, Muhammad Basyir
Judul publikasi The Importance of Customer Delight and Its Responses in Islamic Banking
7. 2018Penulis Ghazali Syamni, Nasir Aziz, Said Musnadi, Faisal Faisal, M. Shabri Abd Madjid
Judul publikasi Stealth Trading Behaviour in Capital Market: A Literature Review
8. 2018Penulis Nurdasila Darsono, Afrida Yahya, Abdul Muzammil, Said Musnadi, Chairil Anwar, Wirdah Irawati
Judul publikasi Consumer Actual Purchase Behavior for Organic Products in Aceh, Indonesia
9. 2018Penulis Aris Munandar, Said Musnadi, Sulaiman
Judul publikasi The Effect of Work Stress, Work Load and Work Environment on Job Satisfaction And It’s Implication on The Employee Performance of Aceh Investment And One Stop Services Agency
10. 2018Penulis Heza Diandra Putera, Said Musnadi, Sulaiman
Judul publikasi Effect of E-Government Implementation Policy on Work Morale And It’s Impact on The Employee Performance of Aceh Financial Management Agency
11. 2018Penulis Mufti Muhammad, Said Musnadi, Nurdasila Darsono
Judul publikasi The Effect of Work Satisfaction and Downward Communication on Performance of West Aceh POLRES With Intrinsic Motivation as a Mediation Variable
12. 2017Penulis Ghazali Syamni, Said Musnadi, Faisal
Judul publikasi The Prime Lending Rate and Profitability of Regional Bankl in Indonesia
13. 2016Penulis Husaini, Said Musnadi, Faisal
Judul publikasi Dividend Policy in Developed and Developing Countries: A Literature Review
14. 2016Penulis Iswadi, Said Musnadi, Faisal
Judul publikasi The Family Firm's Performance: A Literature Review