Repositori Publikasi Penelitian Universitas Syiah Kuala

Daftar Publikasi

1. 2019Penulis M Adlim, I Khaldun, L Hanum, R Arsha, Y Nadia, S Syahlidayani
Judul publikasi Properties of Slow Release Magnesium and Calcium Nitrate Tablets Composed of Rice-Husk-Ash with Chitosan Coating, within Water and in Several Types of Soil
2. 2019Penulis M Adlim, I Khaldun, M Rahmi, U Hasanah, S Karina, Z Zulkiram
Judul publikasi Determination of iron content within iron sands from Lampanah-Lengah estuary using various analytical methods
3. 2019Penulis Muktarida Omar , Muhammad Adlim, Ilham Maulana, Suhendrayatna Suhendayatna, Ismail Ismail
Judul publikasi Preparation and characterization Fe-ZnO nanoparticles immobilized onto fiberglass cloth
4. 2018Penulis M Adlim, F Zarlaida, R F I Rahmayani, R Wardani
Judul publikasi Preparation and characterization natural rubber-urea-tablets coated by chitosan
5. 2018Penulis M Mahyuna, M Adlim, I Saminan
Judul publikasi Developing guided-inquiry-student worksheets to improve the science process skills of high school students on the heat concept
6. 2018Penulis R P Sari, M Adlim*, A Gani
Judul publikasi STEM learning in regular and vocational high schools on the topic of scientific menu card fabrication
7. 2017Penulis M Adlim, F Zarlaida, I Khaldun, R Dewi, M Jamilah
Judul publikasi Preparation and characterization compatible pellets for immobilization of colloidal sulphur nanoparticles
8. 2017Penulis Fitri Zarlaida, M. Adlim , M. Syukri Surbakti , Ahmad Fairuz Omar
Judul publikasi Chitosan-stabilized Silver Nanoparticles for Colorimetric Assay of Mercury (II) Ions in aqueous system
9. 2015Penulis M. Adlim, Latifah Hanum, Ayunda Ahlaini Melala Toa
Judul publikasi Developing Chemistry Practicum Module With Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Approach