Repositori Publikasi Penelitian Universitas Syiah Kuala

Daftar Publikasi

1. 2021Penulis M Adlim, R F I Rahmayani, F Zarlaida, and M B Yudha
Judul publikasi Scale-up preparation and testing of activated-carbon-cloth as carbon-filter prototypes for ammonia-vapor adsorption
2. 2021Penulis
Judul publikasi Scale-up preparation and testing of activated-carbon-cloth as carbon-filter prototypes for ammonia-vapor adsorption
3. 2021Penulis H Amri, M Adlim, and S Nurdin
Judul publikasi STEM learning of \"value-added on banana chips\" to enhance students\' motivation and entrepreneurship attitude in a rural school
4. 2021Penulis O Muktaridha, M Adlim, S Suhendrayatna, and I Ismail
Judul publikasi Synthesis of iron-doped zinc oxide (Fe-ZnO) nanoparticles by using several stabilizers
5. 2021Penulis M. Iqbal Hidayat, M. Adlim, I. Maulana, M. Zulfajri
Judul publikasi Immobilization of Silver Nanoparticles on Chitosan-Coated Silica-Gel-Beads and the Antibacterial Activity
6. 2021Penulis M. Adlim, M. I. Hidayat, N. Azmi, and R. F. I. Ramayani
Judul publikasi Preparation of Chitosan-Silver Nanoparticles Immobilized onto Pumice for Antibacterial Testing Against Escherichia coli
7. 2020Penulis D. Islami, M. Adlim, M. Hasan
Judul publikasi Project-based learning on water filtration experiment in high school chemistry subject
8. 2020Penulis D. Wulansari, M. Adlim, M. Syukri
Judul publikasi Technological pedagogical and content knowledge (TPACK) of science teachers in a suburban area
9. 2020Penulis M Adlim, Khaldun, L Hanum, R Arsha, Y Nadia, S Syahlidayani
Judul publikasi Properties of slow release magnesium and calcium nitrate tablets composed of rice-husk-ash with chitosan coating, within water and in several types of soil
10. 2019Penulis Adlim,M., Khaldun, I
Judul publikasi Determination of iron content within iron sands from Lampanah-Lengah estuary using various analytical methods
11. 2019Penulis Noviyanti Sarapina, M. Adlim, Ibnu Khaldun
Judul publikasi Developing an Assessment Instrument for Integrated Science Process Skill (ISPS) in Fundamental Chemistry Course
12. 2019Penulis Fithria, Muhammad Adlim, Syarifah Rauzatul Jannah and Teuku Tahlil
Judul publikasi Exploring Efforts to Prevent Smoking Behavior for Adolescents: a Qualitative Study In Indonesia
13. 2018Penulis M Adlim, F Zarlaida, I Khaldun and R Dewi and M Jamilah
Judul publikasi Preparation and characterization compatible pellets for immobilization of colloidal sulphur nanoparticles,
14. 2018Penulis M Adlim, F Zarlaida, R F I Rahmayani, and RWardani
Judul publikasi Preparation and characterization natural rubberurea-tablets coated by chitosan
15. 2018Penulis Fitri Zarlaida, M. Adlim, M. Syukri Surbakti, Ahmad Fairuz Omar
Judul publikasi Chitosan-stabilized Silver Nanoparticles for Colorimetric Assay of Mercury (II) Ions in aqueous system,
16. 2018Penulis Rahmi Fartiwi, M. Adlim, Cut Nurmaliah
Judul publikasi Science, Technology, and Society (STS) Learning in Senior High School Chemistry Class
17. 2015Penulis M. Adlim, Latifah Hanum, and Ayunda Ahlaini Melala Toa
Judul publikasi Developing Chemistry Practicum Module With Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Approach
18. 2012Penulis Adlim, Zarlaida Fitri, Sulastri, Ratu FazliaIndaRahmayani, Yuliza Laini
Judul publikasi Enhancing The Solubility of Indrapuri Clay (Local Kieserite Fertilizer)
19. 2011Penulis Adlim, Hasan, Zarlaida Fitri, Yulida Amri, Martina Sari, Saiful Mahya
Judul publikasi Preparations of Chemical Sensors for Simple Formalin Detection in Contaminated Food (A model for final project works pre-service teachers in chemistry subject)
20. 2011Penulis Adlim
Judul publikasi Education Reconstruction After Tsunami in Aceh (Lesson Learn from Aceh Province),
21. 2009Penulis Adlim, Ria Ervilita, Fadly Jailani, Reza Pahlevi
Judul publikasi Penggunaan Khitosan Sebagai Penyangga Sensor Besi (II), Besi (III) dan Kromium (VI) Terlarut.
22. 2008Penulis Adlim
Judul publikasi The Synthesis and Characterization of Chitosan-Stabilized Mono- and Bimetallic Core-Shell Pd/Ag & Pd/Au Nano-sized Colloidal Catalyst and The Hydrogenation of Nitrobenzena,
23. 2003Penulis Adlim & Bakar, M. A.,
Judul publikasi Application of chitosan on preparation of platinum, palladium, gold and silver, International Seminar on Marine Sciences and Resources-Proceeding, March, 12-15 (2003), Banda Aceh, Indonesia, pp.