Repositori Publikasi Penelitian Universitas Syiah Kuala

Daftar Publikasi

1. 2020Penulis Taufik Fuadi Abidin, Samsul Rizal, T.M. Iqbalsyah, Rizal Wahyudi
Judul publikasi Decision Tree Classifier for University Single Rate Tuition Fee System
2. 2020Penulis Taufik Fuadi Abidin, Amir Mahazir, Muhammad Subianto, Khairul Munadi, Ridha Ferdhiana
Judul publikasi Recognizing Indonesian Acronym and Expansion Pairs with Supervised Learning and MapReduce
3. 2018Penulis Taufik Fuadi Abidin, Abbas Adam AzZuhri, Fitri Arnia
Judul publikasi Pengenalan Karakter Plat Nomor Kendaraan Bermotor Menggunakan Zoning dan Fitur Freeman Chain Code
4. 2016Penulis Taufik Fuadi Abidin, Fitra Riyanda, Rahmad Dawood
Judul publikasi Pembaruan Aplikasi Paperless Office Universitas Syiah Kuala
5. 2013Penulis Taufik Fuadi Abidin, Ridha Ferdhiana, Hajjul Kamil
Judul publikasi Automatic Extraction of Place Entities and Sentences Containing the Date and Number of Victims of Tropical Disease Incidence from the Web
6. 2011Penulis Taufik Fuadi Abidin, Alim Misbullah, Muhammad Subianto
Judul publikasi Determining Features of Web Documents and Building a Web Classifier using Support Vector Machine
7. 2009Penulis Taufik Fuadi Abidin, William Perrizo
Judul publikasi Enhanced SMART-TV: A Classifier with Vertical Data Structure and Dimensional Projections Pruning