Repositori Publikasi Penelitian Universitas Syiah Kuala

Daftar Publikasi

1. 2021Penulis Ahmad Rais, Muhammad Irham, Fachri Adrian, Anwar Deli
Judul publikasi The geological economic of sand quarry resources in Jantho, Aceh Besar
2. 2021Penulis Muhammad Irham, R Suri, I Setiawan, A Fuadi
Judul publikasi Spatial analysis of accretion, abrasion and shoreline change in Banda Aceh costal area
3. 2021Penulis Indah P Sari, M Ali Sarong, Muhammad Rusdi, Anwar Deli, Muhammad Irham
Judul publikasi The distribution of the macro-zoobenthos community based on the characteristics of the mangrove sediments in Aceh Besar
4. 2021Penulis Rossy Azhar, Muhammad Rusdi, Muhammad Irham, Afdhal Fuadi
Judul publikasi Spatial distribution of mangrove using a geographic information system in Aceh Besar
5. 2021Penulis Rudi Hermi, Muhammad Irham, Muhammad Rusdi, M Ali Sarong
Judul publikasi Study of bivalvia habitat in the mangrove area of Aceh Jaya District, Aceh Province
6. 2021Penulis Afdhal Fuadi, I R J Hasly, L I Azkia, Muhammad Irham
Judul publikasi Response of tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) behaviour to salinity differences: a laboratory scale study
7. 2021Penulis A Mursawal , M Ali Sarong, Muhammad Irham, Rudi Hermi
Judul publikasi The study of Spirobranchus (christmas worms) based on substrate in Lamteung waters of Pulo Aceh, Aceh Besar District
8. 2021Penulis F Aulia , M Rusdi, A Deli, A Fuadi, M Irham, I Indra
Judul publikasi The Marxan model for determining no-catch zones based on conservation targets in the north-eastern region of Simeulue District
9. 2019Penulis Muhammad Irham, Rizki Zulkifli, Maulinda, Ichsan Setiawan, Anwar Deli, Syahrul Purnawan
Judul publikasi The field study of hydro-oceanography of Krueng Teunom estuary
10. 2019Penulis Ali Afwanuddin, M Ali Sarong, Rustam Efendi, Anwar Deli, Muhammad IRham
Judul publikasi The community structure of Gastropods as bioindicators of water quality in Krueng Aceh, Banda Aceh
11. 2019Penulis Muhammad Irham, Suryati, Maulinda, Edy Miswar, Tarmizi
Judul publikasi The synthetic study of coastline change using one-line numerical model
12. 2019Penulis Edy Miswar, Alvi Rahmah, F B Nazwar, Muhammad Irham, Ali Afwanudin, M Ulfah, T H Iqbal
Judul publikasi The effectivenes of Panglima Laot of Simeulue and its coherence with fisheries management industry based on EAFM (Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management)
13. 2019Penulis M A Sarong, S Supriatno, M D Asiah, M Saputri, Muhammad Irham, A Mursawal, R Hermi
Judul publikasi Study of bivalves infauna in mangrove ecosystems of Rigaih in Aceh Jaya
14. 2019Penulis Muhammad Irham, Yopi Ilhamsyah, Sugianto Sugianto, Anwar Deli, Saumi Syahreza
Judul publikasi Is flash flood cycle? A preliminary climate study on Teunom fluvial system
15. 2019Penulis Ichsan Setiawan, Yopi Ilhamsyah, Edy Miswar, Muhammad Irham
Judul publikasi Addressing Disaster Risk Reduction by Analyzing Sea Level Rise in the Aceh Waters
16. 2018Penulis Muhammad Irham, Yuni Fadhla, Ichsan Setiawan
Judul publikasi The spatial distribution of suspended sediment analysis along Krueng Cut River, Banda Aceh
17. 2018Penulis Syahrul Purnawan, Ichsan Setiawan, Haikal A Haridhi and Muhammad Irham
Judul publikasi Granulometric analysis at Lampulo Fishing Port (LFP) substrate, Banda Aceh, Indonesia
18. 2018Penulis Muhammad Irham and Ichsan Setiawan
Judul publikasi The numerical model of the sediment distribution pattern at Lampulo National fisheries port
19. 2018Penulis Muhammad Irham, Edy Miswar, Yopi Ilhamsyah, Ichsan Setiawan
Judul publikasi The northern tidal dynamic of Aceh waters: A 3D numerical model
20. 2018Penulis Ichsan Setiawan, Syamsul Rizal, Yudy Haditiar, Syahrul Purnawan, SM Yuni, Muhammad Irham
Judul publikasi Study of current circulation in the Northern Waters of Aceh
21. 2018Penulis E Miswar, D Natasya, M Irham, R M Aprilla, S Agustina, J M Affan
Judul publikasi Analysis of social and economic aspects management of marine and coastal resources based on EAFM (Ecosustem Approach to Fisheries Management) method in Banda Aceh City
22. 2018Penulis M Irham, E Misar, T Khairuman, J M Affan, I Setiawan
Judul publikasi Numerical model of two-dimensional flow dynamic of explicit splitting method
23. 2018Penulis M Irham, S Quriadi, I Setiawan, E Miswar, S Purnawan and J M Affan
Judul publikasi The analysis of d90 and d50 sediment grain size in Alue Naga estuary, Banda Aceh City
24. 2018Penulis I Permatasari, I Dewiyanti, S Purnawan, S M Yuni, M Irham and I Setiawan
Judul publikasi The correlation between mangrove density and suspended sediment transport in Lamreh Estuary, Mesjid Raya Subdistrict, Aceh Besar, Indonesia
25. 2017Penulis Muhammad Irham
Judul publikasi Numerical model of oil spill at Balohan Port, Sabang
26. 2013Penulis Muhamma Irham and J. R. Giardino
Judul publikasi Using a flow equation to explain rock glacier deformation: A new approach
27. 2012Penulis Muhammad Irham, J. R. Giardino, I. Guneralp
Judul publikasi Two dimensional morphological dynamic modeling of a complex fluvial system: the spatial distribution of the Brazos river bed load