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Daftar Publikasi

1. 2022Penulis M. Shabri Abd Majid, Faisal, Heru Fahlevi, Azhari, Hijri Juliansyah
Judul publikasi Decomposing total factor productivity of SMEs in agricultural sector in Aceh, Indonesia
2. 2022Penulis M. Shabri Abd Majid, Ridwan Nurdin, Thifal Azhar, Sartiyah
Judul publikasi The Role of Philanthropy in Reducing Impact of Disaster on Economies of ASEAN-9
3. 2022Penulis M. Shabri Abd. Majid, F Faisal, H Fahlevi, A Azhari and H Juliansyah
Judul publikasi Decomposing total factor productivity of SMEs in agricultural sector in Aceh, Indonesia
4. 2022Penulis H Gunawan, M. Shabri Abd. Majid and R Masbar
Judul publikasi Technical efficiency of rice farming in Aceh Province, Indonesia
5. 2022Penulis M. Shabri Abd. Majid, R Nurdin, T Azhar, S Sartiyah
Judul publikasi The role of philanthropy in reducing impact of disaster on economies of ASEAN-9
6. 2022Penulis Hafasnuddin, H., Zulkifli, Z., Meisuri, D., M. Shabri Abd. Majid., Yahya, Y., Juliansyah, H.
Judul publikasi Measuring Total Factor Productivity of Zakat Institutions in Aceh, Indonesia
7. 2022Penulis Agustina, M., M. Shabri Abd. Majid., Musnadi, S., Faisal, F., Hafasnuddin, H., Suriani, S.
Judul publikasi Islamic Banking, Economic Growth, and Poverty Reduction in Indonesia
8. 2022Penulis Maulidar Agustina; M. Shabri Abd. Majid; Said Musnadi; Faisal Faisal; Hafasnuddin Hafasnuddin; Yahya Yahya
Judul publikasi Does Banking Performance Matter for Indonesian Economic Growth?
9. 2022Penulis Suwardi., M. Shabri Abd. Majid, M.S.A., Musnadi, S.
Judul publikasi Effects of Role Ambiguity on Work Stress with Islamic Coping as Mediation among Nurses during a Covid-19 Pandemic at the General Hospital in Aceh-Indonesia
10. 2022Penulis Zikran, G., M. Shabri Abd. Majid., Suriani, S.
Judul publikasi Role of Internal Control in Improving Financial Management-Based Performance: The Case of Mosques in Banda Aceh City, Indonesia
11. 2021Penulis M S A Majid , F Faisal , H Fahlevi , A Azhari4
Judul publikasi Measuring and Decomposing SMEs\' Productivity in Creative Economic Sector in Indonesia
12. 2021Penulis Muti’ah, M S A Majid, C Seftarita
Judul publikasi What determines aquaculture fish production? empirical evidence from South Aceh Regency, Indonesia
13. 2021Penulis I Mahdi , A R Lubis, M S A Majid
Judul publikasi Does Pawang Laot leadership matter for enhancing fishermen’s work culture and welfare?
14. 2021Penulis G M Idroes, S Syahnur M S A. Majid , N R Sasmit2 , R Idroes
Judul publikasi Provincial economic level analysis in Indonesia based on the geothermal energy potential and growth regional domestic products using cluster analysis
15. 2017Penulis Ghazali Syamni, M Shabri Abd Majid, Ichsan
Judul publikasi Altman Modification Models dan Harga Saham Perusahaan Batubara di Bursa Indonesia
16. 2014Penulis Said Musnadi dan M. Shabri Abd. Majid
Judul publikasi A Comparative Analysis of Diversification Benefits Between Islamic Emerging and Conventional Largest worlds Markets during the 2007 Global Financial Crisis
17. 2014Penulis M. Shabri Abd. Majid
Judul publikasi Menggagas Model Pengentasan Kemiskinan Rakyat Aceh Melalui Bank Islam "Ureung Gasien" (BISURGA)
18. 2013Penulis M. Shabri Abd. Majid
Judul publikasi Have The Islamic Banks Realised the Maqasid Al-Shariah in Malaysia?