Repositori Publikasi Penelitian Universitas Syiah Kuala

Daftar Publikasi

1. 2020Penulis N R Arifah, A Muslim, D S Syahiddin, W Rinaldi, H Meilina, A Salamun and Mariana
Judul publikasi Reduction of Zn(II) ions in Acid Mine Drainage by Adsorption Using Adsorbent Prepared from Bone Coal
2. 2020Penulis S. D. Said, T. Maimun , T. M. Asnawi and A. Muslim
Judul publikasi Inhibition of Free Fatty Acids generation in Crude Palm Oil during storage by using UV-C Light treatment
3. 2016Penulis Abrar Muslim, Husni Husin, Saifullah Ramli, Akhyar Irfan, Firdaus
Judul publikasi Adsorption of Pb(II) in Aqueous Solutions by Activated Carbon Prepared From Empty Fruit Bunch of Oil Palm
4. 2016Penulis M. Mahidin, T. N. Sulaiman, A. Muslim and A. Gani
Judul publikasi Removal of Mn(II) from the Acid Mine Wastewaters Using Coal Fired Bottom Ash
5. 2015Penulis Farid Maulana, Abrar Muslim, Pocut Nurul Alam, Mariana
Judul publikasi Adsorption of Pb(II) Heavy Metals from Wastewater Using Modified Rice Husk as Adsorbent
6. 2009Penulis Muslim, A. Pareek ,V. K., Tade, M. O., Jeffrey, M. I., and Zang, H.
Judul publikasi Adsorption of Polythionates and Thiosulfate on Strong Base Anion Exchange Resins
7. 2009Penulis Muslim, A.
Judul publikasi Kinetics and Equilibrium Models for the Adsorption of Thiosulfate and Polyhtionates onto Strong Base Anion Exchange Resin in Batch System
8. 2007Penulis Muslim, A., Li, Q. and Tade, M. O
Judul publikasi Discrete Time-Space Model Simulation of Free Chlorine Residual and Model-based Predictive Chlorine Dosage
9. 2007Penulis Muslim, A., Li, Q. and Tade, M. O
Judul publikasi Model Predictive Control for Chlorine Contact Tank and Its Performance in Computational Fluid Dynamic Model
10. 2006Penulis Muslim, A., Li, Q and Tade, M. O.
Judul publikasi Discrete Time-Space Model for Free Chlorine Concentration Decay in Single Pipes of Drinking Water Distribution System;dn=257532963563737;res=IELENG