Repositori Publikasi Penelitian Universitas Syiah Kuala

Daftar Publikasi

1. 2019Penulis K. Muchtar, N. Nasaruddin, A. Afdhal, I. Nugraha
Judul publikasi Attention-based Approach for Efficient Moving Vehicle Classification
2. 2017Penulis Fikri Haikal, Nasaruddin dan R. Muharar
Judul publikasi Suboptimal power splitting of energy harvesting in cooperative communication system
3. 2017Penulis Isyatur Raziah, Muhammad Irhamsyah, dan Nasaruddin
Judul publikasi Kinerja Outage Probability pada Komunikasi Kooperatif Device to Device untuk Kanal Rayleigh
4. 2016Penulis Nasaruddin and R. Kurnia
Judul publikasi Hamming coding for multi-relay cooperative quantize and forward networks
5. 2016Penulis Yunida and Nasaruddin
Judul publikasi New four-state space-time trellis codes for multi-pair two-way relaying in MIMO cooperative networks
6. 2015Penulis Nasaruddin, S. Muchallil, M. Oktiana
Judul publikasi Energy efficiency of mobile peer-to-peer network based on channel condition and bandwidth
7. 2013Penulis Nasaruddin, M. Andriani, Melinda, M. Irhamsyah
Judul publikasi Analysis of energy efficiency for Wi-Fi 802.11b multi-hop networks
8. 2013Penulis Melinda, Nasaruddin, Syahrial, Y. Away
Judul publikasi Performance of trajectory plot for serial concatenation of BCH and Convolutional codes
9. 2013Penulis F. Wafda, R.W., Saputra, Y. Nurdin, Nasaruddin, K. Munadi
Judul publikasi Agent-based tsunami evacuation simulation for disaster education
10. 2008Penulis Nasaruddin and T. Tsujioka
Judul publikasi Design of reconfigurable multiweight wavelength-time optical codes for secure multimedia optical CDMA networks
11. 2007Penulis Nasaruddin, T. Tsujioka and S. Hara
Judul publikasi A code reconfiguration design for two dimensional OCDMA system to enhance security
12. 2006Penulis Nasaruddin and T. Tsujioka
Judul publikasi Multiple-length variable-weight optical orthogonal codes for multi-rate multi-quality optical CDMA systems