Repositori Publikasi Penelitian Universitas Syiah Kuala

Daftar Publikasi

1. 2021Penulis N. Nasaruddin, R. Adriman, and A. Afdhal
Judul publikasi Energy-Efficient Multiple-Relay Cooperative Networks Using Hamming Coding
2. 2021Penulis N. Nasaruddin, M. R. Azmi, M. Melinda, R. Adriman
Judul publikasi Relay selection-based energy efficiency of hybrid device-to-device-enabled 5G networks
3. 2021Penulis I. Raziah, Y. Yunida, Y. Away, R. Muharar, N. Nasaruddin
Judul publikasi Adaptive relay selection based on channel gain and link distance for cooperative out-band device-to-device networks
4. 2020Penulis M. Raudhi Azmi, Melinda Melinda, Nasaruddin Nasaruddin
Judul publikasi Analisis Kinerja Jaringan Hybrid Kooperatif Device-to-Device 5G menggunakan Teknik Pemilihan Relay Reaktif
5. 2020Penulis Y. Yunida, R. Muharar, Y. Away, N. Nasaruddin
Judul publikasi Efficient Relay Selection Algorithm for Non-Orthogonal Amplify-and-Forward Cooperative Systems over Block-Fading Channels
6. 2020Penulis Muchtar Kusuma, Nizamuddin, Nasaruddin
Judul publikasi Information System for Rapid Assessment of Emergency Responses Based on Android Applications for BPBD of Aceh Barat
7. 2020Penulis N. Nasaruddin, K. Muchtar, A. Afdhal and A. P. J. Dwiyantoro
Judul publikasi Deep anomaly detection through visual attention in surveillance videos
8. 2019Penulis N. Nasaruddin, K. Muchtar, A. Afdhal
Judul publikasi A Lightweight Moving Vehicle Classification System Through Attention-Based Method and Deep Learning
9. 2018Penulis Nasaruddin, Didi Rahmadi, Rusdha Muharar
Judul publikasi Penghematan Daya pada Sistem Komunikasi Kooperatif Two-Way dengan Pengaturan Rasio Data Rate
10. 2018Penulis Yunida, Nasaruddin, Rusdha Muharar, Yuwaldi Away
Judul publikasi Linear precoder design for non-orthogonal AF MIMO relaying systems based on MMSE criterion
11. 2017Penulis Kurnia Rizki, Nasaruddin, Ramzi Adriman
Judul publikasi Perbandingan Kinerja Non-Orthogonal dan Orthogonal Amplify and Forward pada Two-Way Cooperative WLAN
12. 2017Penulis Nasaruddin, Rony Kurnia, Ramzi Adriman
Judul publikasi Efisiensi Daya Protokol Quantize and Forward Pada Sistem Komunikasi Kooperatif Multi-relay
13. 2017Penulis Nasaruddin, B. Yuhanda, Elizar, Syahrial
Judul publikasi Design and Performance Analysis of Channel Coding Scheme based-on Multiplication by Alphabet-9
14. 2017Penulis Nasaruddin, Yusnidar, Elizar
Judul publikasi Performance Evaluation of Amplify-Quantize and Forward Protocol for Multi-relay Cooperative Networks
15. 2017Penulis Fityanul Ahyar, Nasaruddin, Rusdha Muharar
Judul publikasi Efisiensi Energi Sistem Komunikasi Kooperatif Multi-relay Quantize and Forward Berdasarkan Pemilihan Relay
16. 2016Penulis Nasaruddin, Ardiansyah and K. Munadi
Judul publikasi Interactive Internet-based Disaster Risk Information System for Tsunami-hit Aceh Province of Indonesia
17. 2016Penulis Nasaruddin, Yunida, K. Munadi
Judul publikasi Improved Model of the Selection with Soft-and Hard-Combining Decoding Strategies for Multi-User Multi-Relay Cooperative Networks
18. 2014Penulis Nasaruddin, Y. Nurdin, Roslidar
Judul publikasi The Development of Online Disaster Information SystemUsing Location Based Service (LBS) Technology
19. 2014Penulis Nasaruddin, Melinda, Elizar
Judul publikasi Optimized Power Allocation for Cooperative Amplify-and-Forward with Convolutional Codes
20. 2012Penulis Nasaruddin, Melinda, E.F. Sari
Judul publikasi A model to investigate performance of orthogonal frequency code division multiplexing
21. 2011Penulis Nasaruddin, K. Munadi, M. Dirhamsyah, D. Yuliansyah
Judul publikasi A web-based geographic information system for aceh natural hazards
22. 2009Penulis Nasaruddin and T. Tsujioka
Judul publikasi Simulation and Noise Analysis of Multimedia Transmission in Optical CDMA Computer Networks
23. 2008Penulis Nasaruddin and T. Tsujioka
Judul publikasi Design of strict variable-weight optical orthogonal codes for differentiated quality of service in optical CDMA networks
24. 2008Penulis Nasaruddin and T. Tsujioka
Judul publikasi A novel design of reconfigurable wavelength-time optical codes to enhance security in optical CDMA networks
25. 2007Penulis Nasaruddin and T. Tsujioka
Judul publikasi Multiple-length variable-weight optical orthogonal codes for supporting multirate multimedia services in optical CDMA networks