Repositori Publikasi Penelitian Universitas Syiah Kuala

Daftar Publikasi

1. 2022Penulis A. Afdhal, N. Nasaruddin, Z. Fuadi, S. Sugiarto, H. Riza, and K. Saddami
Judul publikasi Evaluation of Benchmarking Pre-Trained CNN Model for Autonomous Vehicles Object Detection in Mixed Traffic
2. 2021Penulis K. Muchtar, A. Afdhal, N. Nasaruddin
Judul publikasi Convolutional Network and Moving Object Analysis for Vehicle Detection in Highway Surveillance Videos
3. 2021Penulis N. Nasaruddin, E. Berutu, A. Afdhal
Judul publikasi Combining Time Switching Energy Harvesting and Relay Selection for Energy-Efficient Cooperative Communication Networks
4. 2020Penulis Z. Zulhelmi, Z. Zulfikar, T.Y. Arif, A. Afdhal, P.N. Syawaldi
Judul publikasi Unhealthy skin analyzer for mobile platform using Canny Edge Detection and Similarity Score
5. 2019Penulis A. Afdhal, M. Melinda, N. Nasaruddin
Judul publikasi Analysis of Throughput and Energy Efficiency on Video Transmission in the Cooperative Relay Networks
6. 2019Penulis A. Afdhal, A.R.M. Shariff
Judul publikasi Traffic Mobility Analysis of ITS V2V Cooperative Awareness Communication Based on Local Traffic Motion Constraints
7. 2019Penulis K. Muchtar, N. Nasaruddin, A. Afdhal, I. Nugraha
Judul publikasi Attention-based Approach for Efficient Moving Vehicle Classification
8. 2019Penulis A. Afdhal, A. Ahmadiar, N. Nasaruddin
Judul publikasi V2V Mobility Modeling and Simulation Using PBC Messages for Traffic Congestion Mitigation
9. 2019Penulis N. Nasaruddin, R. Isyatur, A. Afdhal
Judul publikasi Impact of Rayleigh and Rician Fading Environments to the Performance of Cooperative Device-to-Device
10. 2018Penulis Z. Zulfikar, Z. Zulhelmi, T.Y. Arif, A. Afdhal, P.N. Syawaldi
Judul publikasi Android Application: Skin Abnormality Analysis based on Edge Detection Technique
11. 2018Penulis A. Afdhal, R. Adriman.
Judul publikasi Marketing practitioner's tacit knowledge acquisition using Repertory Grid Technique (RTG)
12. 2018Penulis R. Roslidar, A. Afdhal, N. Nasaruddin
Judul publikasi Android-based Multimedia Data Transmission for Online Disaster Monitoring and Emergency Response
13. 2017Penulis A. Afdhal, S. Muchallil, H. Walidainy, Q. Yuhardian
Judul publikasi Black hole attacks analysis for AODV and AOMDV routing performance in VANETs
14. 2017Penulis Z. Zulhelmi, Z. Zulfikar, S. Safwan, A. Afdhal
Judul publikasi Theft prevention system by controlling electrical appliances to imitate the presence of homeowners
15. 2016Penulis A. Afdhal, E. Elizar
Judul publikasi Enhanced Route Guidance and Navigation for Emergency Vehicle Using V2I-Based Cooperative Communication
16. 2016Penulis R. Munadi, A. Kautsar, A. Afdhal
Judul publikasi Pengujian Keamanan Jaringan Terhadap Serangan ARP Poisoning
17. 2015Penulis A. Afdhal, R. Munadi, I. Fachdil
Judul publikasi Evaluasi Kinerja VLAN Trunking Protocol dengan Metode Spanning Trees Protocol Menggunakan GNS-3