Repositori Publikasi Penelitian Universitas Syiah Kuala

Daftar Publikasi

1. 2018Penulis Fitri Zarlaida, Asyira Darmia, Habibati
Judul publikasi Estimating Students\' Thinking Levels Through Two-Tier Multiple Choice Test on Colloids Concepts
2. 2018Penulis Ibnu Khaldun, Latifah Hanum, Habibati
Judul publikasi The Development of Microsoft Excel-Based Computer Simulation to Improve the Student\'s Concept Understanding on Buffer Solutions
3. 2017Penulis Habibati, Muhammad Nasir, Wahyuni
Judul publikasi The Application of Guided Inquiry Model in the Topic of Reaction Rate to Increase Students' Learning Outcome and Activities at MAN Banda Aceh 1
4. 2017Penulis Habibati, M. Hasan, Ria Afriza
Judul publikasi The Development of Snake Ladder Game Media in Compound\'s Nomenclature Subject for Tenth Graders at SMAN 16 Banda Aceh
5. 2017Penulis Wilta Fajrina, Darra Utari Ningsih, Sri Adelila Sari, Habibati
Judul publikasi Application of Active Learning Strategy Type Everyone is a Teacher Here (ETH) to Increase Student Activity and Learning Outcomes in Chemistry on Salt Hydrolysis
6. 2016Penulis Habibati, Zulfadli, & Sri Rezeki
Judul publikasi The Application of Teams Games Tournament (TGT) Model with the Help of Ular Tangga Medium on the Subject of Buffer Solution to 11th Graders of a State Senior High School in Banda Aceh
7. 2016Penulis Habibati, Zulfadli, & Rizki Amalia
Judul publikasi The Development of Senior High School Students' Worksheet Based on Chemo-Entrepreneurship (CEP) Approach on the Topic of Colloid
8. 2016Penulis Abdul Gani, Rini Safitri, Habibati, Nurul Fajri Saminan
Judul publikasi The Study of High School Students\'s Scientific Attitudes on Learning Heat and Temperature with Cooperative InquiryLabs Model
9. 2015Penulis Habibati, Rusman, Meutia Syahana
Judul publikasi The application of the learning model of Teams Games Tournaments (TGT) to improve students' learning outcome on the subject of solubility and solubility product for students
10. 2015Penulis Habibati
Judul publikasi Investigating teacher centred approach in relation to teacher's religious beliefs and attitudes in teaching chemistry in the classroom
11. 2015Penulis Abdul Gani Haji, Saiful, Yenni Mariana, Habibati
Judul publikasi Analysis of guided inquiry model to increase senior high school students' critical thinking skills and social attitudes at solubility and solubility product (Ksp) subject
12. 2013Penulis Abdul Gani Haji, Gustan Pari, Muhammad Nazar, Habibati
Judul publikasi Characterization of Activated Carbon Produced from Urban Organic Waste