Repositori Publikasi Penelitian Universitas Syiah Kuala

Daftar Publikasi

1. 2018Penulis Haridhi, Haekal A., Nanda, M., Haditiar, Y., Rizal, S.
Judul publikasi Application of Rapid Appraisals of Fisheries Management System (RAFMS) to identify the seasonal variation of fishing ground locations and its corresponding fish species availability at Aceh waters, Indonesia
2. 2018Penulis Haridhi, H. A., B.-S. Huang, K.-L. Wen, D. Denzema, R. A. Prasetyo, C.-S. Lee
Judul publikasi A study of large earthquake sequences in the Sumatra subduction zone and its possible implications
3. 2016Penulis Haekal A. Haridhi, Muhammad Nanda, Crispen R. Wilson, Syamsul Rizal
Judul publikasi Preliminary study of the sea surface temperature (SST) at fishing ground locations based on the net deployment of traditional purse-seine boats in the northern waters of Aceh — A community-based data collection approach
4. 2015Penulis Purnawan, S., Haridhi, H. A., Setiawan, I., Marwantim
Judul publikasi Parameter statistik ukuran butiran pada sedimen berpasir di muara kuala gigieng, Kabupaten Aceh Besar
5. 2014Penulis Rizwan, T., Dewiyanti, I., Haridhi, H. A., Setiawan, I., Ilhamsyah, Y., Alirudin, J.
Judul publikasi Analysis of fish catches by traditional purse seine boat in Aceh waters based on setting and hauling duration
6. 2014Penulis Ilhamsyah Y., Fadli N., Setiawan I., Haridhi H. A.
Judul publikasi Notes: coral reef bleaching in Weh Island, Indonesia, a natural climate variability or global climate change impact?
7. 2013Penulis Rizal, S., Haridhi, H.A., Wilson, C.R., Hasan, A., Setiawan, I.
Judul publikasi Community Collection of Ocean Current Data: An Example from Northern Aceh Province, Indonesia.