Repositori Publikasi Penelitian Universitas Syiah Kuala

Daftar Publikasi

1. 2021Penulis K Khairan, R Idroes, S G Tumilaar, T E Tallei, G M Idroes, F Rahmadhany, M U Futri, N M Dinura, S Mauliza, M Diana, C P Maisarah, A Maulana, T R Noviandy, R Suhendra, Muslem and N Earlia
Judul publikasi Molecular docking study of fatty acids from Pliek U Oil in the inhibition of SARS-CoV-2 protein and enzymes
2. 2021Penulis T R Noviandy, A Maulana, N R Sasmita, R Suhendra, Muslem, G M Idroes, M Paristiowati, Z Helwani, E Yandri, S Rahimah, Muhammad, Irvanizam and R Idroes
Judul publikasi The implementation of K-Means clustering in kovats retention index on gas chromatography
3. 2021Penulis R Idroes, Muslem, Mahmudi, Saiful, M Paristiowati, G M Idroes, R Suhendra, A Maulana, T R Noviandy and Irvanizam
Judul publikasi The influence of temperatures, polarity, modifier and pressure to retention index in supercritical fluid chromatography: A review
4. 2021Penulis Marwan, T R Noviandy, A Maulana, R Suhendra, M Yusuf, A Lala, G M Idroes, Muslem, Mahmudi and R Idroes
Judul publikasi Utilization of unmanned aerial vehicles in geothermal exploration: A review
5. 2020Penulis Aga Maulana, Teuku Rizky Noviandy, Rinaldi. Idroes, N. R. Sasmita, R. Suhendra and I. Irvanizam
Judul publikasi Prediction of Kovats Retention Indices for Fragrance and Flavor using Artificial Neural Network
6. 2020Penulis Rinaldi Idroes, Aga Maulana, Teuku Rizky Noviandy, Rivansyah Suhendra, Novi Reandy Sasmita, Andi Lala and Irvanizam
Judul publikasi A Genetic Algorithm to Determine Research Consultation Schedules in Campus Environment